Dancing Uncle Is The New Buzz Of The Internet Era

Dancing Uncle


Groove on to the steps of Dancing Uncle

Records are breaking on the internet and this time it is not PSY and his Gangnam Style. A middle-aged man named Dancing Uncle by his fans. His first video flashed while he was dancing on Govinda’s number ‘Aap Ke as Jaane se’ at a wedding function. He seems to be a true Govinda fan and with his dancing style. He has proved that age is just a number. The video became an instant hit as soon as it was shared on Social Networks.  In the video, this man is seen grooving on 1987 movie Khudgarz song, ‘Aap Ke aa Jaane se’ as well on a remix of 1970s hit’Chadti Jawani’. The combination of 26 alphabets is less to describe his incredible dancing steps. His facial expressions, all are just similar to Govinda. Hence, it is for sure that he’s an ardent Govinda fan.

Dancing Uncle’s videos have flooded over the internet

Right now, the Internet is not only flooded with dancing uncle’s videos but many other crazy dancing videos too. There are many people who are mimicking him or just uploading their own insane videos. There is one girl who is dancing on treadmill and other in which boys are showing off their insanity copying the dancing uncle’s steps in their unique style.

Comic Twist In Govinda’s Dancing Style

It seems like Govinda’s fan, dancing uncle is raising the bar on the internet and now the population of India is trying hard to get more viewers than him. Whether the video is of crazy alien dance, Haryanvi mashup, dance-off at the wedding, or dance on the treadmill, people are questing to show off their unique dance video in craziest manner.

The stardom of Dancing Uncle is beyond imagination

Though the stardom which dancing uncle, aka Sanjeev Srivastava, got is beyond imagination. From the day, when his dancing video got the number of likes and his own fans, his schedule became extremely hectic. From interview to getting an opportunity of coming on a television show and even beyond his imagination, shaking off his leg with his favourite star, Govinda, all became reality.

He has even taken over the popularity of many stars from his wonderful performance. So now let’s see who will become another star through the internet. The power of the internet can really change anybody’s life. Now, let’s see who will get an opportunity after Sanjeev Srivastava. Though there are many crazy dancing videos after him the question is who will become another internet sensation and achieve stardom through it.

What do you think? Is there any video you have seen till now which you can watch again and again and is full of craziness and can beat our nation’s dancing uncle of the present moment. It can be anyone after him, maybe you. For now, just surf the internet and maybe you’ll find that extraordinary person, who will become favorite of India just like India’s dancing uncle.