Darshan Raval Wiki, Works, Age and Networth



Darshan Raval, the Indian playback singer, songwriter, performer, and composer from Ahmedabad, had first appeared in a reality show called Indian’ Raw talent. The singer didn’t turn out to be the winner but came up as the first runner up. He is better known for his great and significant performances in Bollywood. An independent music artist, Darshan Raval is a class apart. He has been voted as the most Desirable Man in the year of 2017, by Ahmedabad Times. Some of his best known Hindi songs would be of the movies Meri Pehli Mohabbat, Tuu to Gayo, Sanam Teri Kasam, Terra Suroor, and more.

Darshan Raval’s career steps:

Darshan Raval confesses that he was thrown out of college for not being good in academics, but now he confesses that he has received 50 million heart reacts on YouTube, with the latest song Tera Zikr. He confesses that music has been his greatest obsession and that he got his biggest break when he gave voice to Salman Khan, in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. He owes his big break to Himmesh Reshammiya. Darshan Raval has spoken how social media has helped him with his success too – he learned his guitar from YouTube videos.

The net worth of Darshan Raval hasn’t yet been estimated, but sources say that Raval is paid by acting, singing, and modeling. Darshan Raval is unmarried, and we do not know who his lady love interest till date. When asked about the theme of Tera Zikr, since it is woven around heartbreak, Darshan Raval says that the heartbreak has been moved to passion and that he has derived his inspiration from his own experience and others. Of course, that doesn’t confirm that Darshan Raval has a girlfriend, or had a girlfriend, but he has made it clear that love is a very important factor for him.

Darshan Raval clearly tells a popular newspaper though that he has a lot of crushes, but was never in a relationship. He said that he is waiting for the right person because he doesn’t want to be involved in flings. Popular newspapers have a portfolio of Darshan Raval’s photoshoot that has him featured in his new hairstyles even. With a 2 million follower list on Instagram, this star definitely has his popularity on point.

Darshan’s latest songs:

Darshan Raval’s latest songs in 2018 are of Baarish Lete Ana, Ye Baarish, Tu Dua Hai, Tuu, Shab Tum Ho,  Saari ki Saari, Mera Dil Dil Dil, and more. His 2017 hits are Maachailo Ude, Tera Zikr, Bhuli javu Che, and more blockbusters. Steadily rising the chartbusters, his video songs and albums are quite the hit. Also a sensation on Facebook, a popular face on Google, his photo is often most downloaded. With a successful biography listing on the web., this model, singer, and actor have already caught Bollywood with his charm. His most significant song was Kheech Meri photo from Sanam Teri Kasam and is even played this day as the selfie anthem. A man of many domains, he is truly the most desirable youth of India