A Delhi Based Woman Loses 1 Lakh After Calling a Customer Care Number From Google


In today’s world, every person’s first go to option for any query or problem is Google. If one doesn’t have a solution to their problems or questions, they conveniently Google it and rely on its results. No person ever till now has taken up to task of verifying the information provided by Google, rather they have blindly accepted that information as relevant.

Lost 1 Lakh over a fake call

Recently an East Delhi based woman living in Seemapuri has suffered a loss of 1 Lakh Rupees after she dialed a customer care number from Google. This socking incident happened when she was searching the Google to acquire a customer care number to contact the concerned person. After calling the certain given number, she was asked about her card details. The next moment the notification she received on her mobile was a transaction of 1 Lakh from her e-wallet.

It is always advised to all the Google users or any other search engine, that one should strictly verify the sources. It should be noted, that a person is not supposed to share their card details at any organization or any call. At the end of the day, that customer care call proved to be a spam call.

As the world day by day is depending on internet for all their work, one should at the same time also become alert for fraudulent activities.