Delhi – begging isn’t an offence anymore here


Begging is not a showoff, it is the reality, it is the necessity, and it is the requirement. People beg on the streets not because they wish to, but because they need to. Here is a shocking news from Delhi you must know!

Begging is discriminated in the National Capital

Delhi high court on Wednesday decriminalized begging in Delhi though they knew it nearly killed the way to get necessities for the vulnerable class of the capital.

C Hari Shankar and Gita Mittal, justice and Chief Justice respectively, held that we can’t cover begging under an offence as it is not an offence after all. People beg just to get their daily basic requirements. Begging helps the vulnerable class to At least get food to eat and a living.



Criminalizing the beggars, the vulnerable class just blocks them from getting fundamental right. Court went through the many aspects of begging. They found that state was wholly responsible somewhere or the other in not providing them basic necessities. The state also failed to provide the right to live for all the citizen of the state.

The state doesn’t seem reasonable here in any case, as they first fail to provide the living and after that, they even imprison the person who lacks this living and goes for begging things.

Court’s judgment focuses all the facts and figures before going to the results, as there can be many cases of forced begging that may consider as a fault action under these circumstances.

This shocks that according to nearly 25 sections of the act if beggars attempt crime of begging, they get punishments for the same. It concludes that either begging is seen as an offence or a crime.

Seeing the current situation, there is no central rule or law for beggars or for begging.  Many of the states have adopted Bombay prevention of begging act, 1959, under which begging is criminalized.

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