Dirty Politics: Blames on Women For Causing Kerala Floods After They Entered Sabarimala

Kerala Floods

In this modern era, it is hard to believe that people would believe in superstitions. Well, as surprising as it might seem such an incident has happened during the recent Kerala floods that have affected the southern state of Kerala.

Kerala Floods

Controversy amidst tragedy

For quite some time now we are aware of the situation in which Kerala is. There are lots of relief efforts being carried out by everyone. Some people have concluded that the floods are a result of women entering a temple. Yes, you read it correct.

Women, the reason for Kerala floods

The Hindu MakkalKatchi has come into the limelight recently due to their statement on the Kerala flood and not for a good reason. They have created a controversy by blaming that the floods are a result of women entering the Sabarimala temple.


They have decided to help the Keralites by offering a very special prayer at the Ramanathaswamy temple, Rameswaram. Well, let’s hope that God listens to these prayers.

The party’s district leader Prabhakaran has said that the opinion of the leaders of various political parties and the court that claims that the entry of women in the Sabarimala Temple is the reason Kerala is suffering from such a disaster.

Politics even in the face of natural disaster

When Kerala is facing heavy rainfall, and the flood which has taken the lives of over 300 people and thousands more have become homeless. There is a shortage of food and people are trapped expecting to be rescued. During such a time, Prabhakaran has decided to ask the government of Kerala to pass a resolution. This will bar the entrance of women in the Sabarimala temple. He stated, “We believe that Kerala would not have faced such a devastating situation if it would have supported the ban on women’s entry into Sabarimala temple as per Devaswom board’s decision.”

The district secretary of CPI, Kasinathadurai says that the acts of Hindu MakkalKatchi are irrational. They are the followers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). They will support a patriarchal society and therefore oppose the women’s entry into the temple. He further needed to clarify that the events of Kerala are a form of natural disaster and women are not responsible for the heavy rains and flooding.

The Internet

Times like these are perfect for trolls as well as brilliant minds to give their opinions. Now, unlike the politicians who have media to talk to these geniuses take it to the social media. So, some twitteratis are claimed that this disaster is caused by the wrath of the Hindu Gods. Well, I seriously hope the Gods have access to the social media and are able to read these statements. Some people jumped to the conclusion that the wrath of the Gods is due to the beef consumption in Kerala while others jumped on the women entering the Temple is the reason. A face palm moments for the Gods I suppose.


In a time when on the one hand our country is making rapid progress towards modernization whereas, on the other hand, we have common people and some politicians who are saying that women are responsible for the Kerala floods. Let us hope and pray that Kerala sees itself through this tragedy