Disha Patani opens up about her rumors with Hrithik Roshan

Disha Patani

Bollywood industry is always in the limelight, either with the brilliant movies or with all the gossips and rumors. This time, the industry is in the center of attention due to the rumors surrounding Disha Patani and Hrithik Roshan.

Past few days, there were a lot of rumors about the flirtatious nature of Hrithik that made Disha walk out of the Yash Raj film. But Disha now has opened about these rumors doing the rounds in the industry by clearing the air. The 25-year-old actress mentioned, “There is some childish and irresponsible gossip about Hrithik Sir and me doing the rounds. I would like to say that it’s completely untrue and in the minimum interaction that I have had with him, he has been one of the most dignified and joyful people.”

To support her statement, Disha further added, “It’s my regard for him as a person that is making me even respond to something this trivial. There is no truth in me walking out of any project with him.” Disha also made her point that she has immense respect for the actor and she features him as one of the leading names in the Bollywood industry.

Recently, there were some reports in the media which mentioned that Disha Patani walked out of a Yash Raj film. However, there was no official announcement for the lead actress of the film, which stars Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan. The whole incident, thus, came out as a surprise to many people. But to clear the air and to make things open to all the rumors, Disha Patani has rubbished all these statements. Disha Patani addressed Hrithik as a ‘dignified’ personality and claimed the reports to be childish.

Although, the actress mentions that such rumors are a part of the industry and doesn’t bother her much. But, in this case, she is responding to such rumors because she has immense respect for the actor. Even, one of the close sources of Disha Patani had denied such news by clarifying that she was not offered any film by the Yash Raj. They highlighted that Disha Patani is new to the industry and she would never miss a chance to work for the Yash Raj banner.

Just like Disha, even Hrithik took his Twitter account and tweeted asking people to mind their own personal business. The actor tweeted, “If you want any help with your publicity, contact me directly next time.” Apart from the rumors, both the actors are busy with their own films. Disha Patani will be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat. On the other hand, Hrithik is busy with Anand Kumar biopic, Super 30.

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