Disha Patani Posted A Pic Performing Martial Arts. Fans Asked If Tiger Taught Her


Disha Patani, an actress every single youngster of India adores. Well, how can anyone forget about her performance in the Baghi 2? The movie was a blockbuster and the same goes with the action of the actress. Talking about the acting and the dancing, the actress is amazing but how about the tough physical activities. Well, talking about that, the actress can be as fragile as the flower but as tough as the rock. The actress is so tough that she has been practicing the martial arts.

Disha Patani Martial Arts

Well, you can see that from her new Instagram picture where you can see her practicing some martial arts. Well? Can’t believe this? Open her profile and you may know what she has been up to.

Disha’s Instagram full of questions for the post

The actress’ Instagram is full of the comments and likes since her 14 million followers have seen her in that bold, tough look. Not just one but the actress has shared around 3 photos on the social media Instagram. The Instagram page of the actress is filled with the questions too while most of them as if the actress has been learning the martial arts from the Baghi co-star Tiger Shroff. While the fans have been curious to know that who is training her, the actress has still not replied yet.

Disha the queen of hearts

The actress has been in the sensations since she gave back to back blockbusters in the Bollywood. From the beauty to the acting, the actress has everything inside her. Recently when the actress posted such a picture, the fans got shocked seeing her in this pose. Also, they were curious to know if she has been talking such training from the Tiger Shroff. Since everyone knows that Dish and Tiger have been together for years, they have been relating the post to the actor Tiger Shroff.

The actress has been posting a lot of pictures on Instagram but this is something new. The fans have been curious about her new picture. Well, you can expect that when you have about 14 million followers. Disha must be seeing all those comments but she is not replying and everyone is guessing what she is up to.

Disha’s Practice of steps

While everyone is guessing what she is up to, fans are expecting more of the fitness posts like this from her. The actress has been previously in China with Jackie Chain and maybe she is trying the same steps again.

So, let’s see what she replies to her fans further.