Don’t Angry Me: 6 Times Bollywood Celebs Lost Their Cool With The Media


Bollywood celebrities have always been the centre of attention for media and paparazzi. Although, most of the questions which are asked to the stars are often addressed with gentle and honest replies. However, there have been times when the stars just let go off the control. Today, Talepost brings you the list of times when Bollywood stars lost their temper with the media and paparazzi.

1. Deepika Padukone

She is surely a stunning and talented actress of the Bollywood industry. However there have been times, when she lost her chill in front of the media because of the questions raised by the journalists. One such incident is associated with the National Daily. This happened when some pictures of the actress were clicked from different angles and published in the front page with a caption”objectionable dressing and showing off her cleavage”. In response to this, She took to her Twitter handle and expressed her anger over the published article. Later, when she was in conference, a lady journalist provoked her with a similar question to which she replied, “Can you pan the camera on this lady? You have no idea what you are saying right now. I’m already very upset and you are making me even more upset. You being a woman and you are calling it a petty issue is so unfortunate.”

2. Alia Bhatt

The time and situation had gained lots of attention from the media and journalists, when Alia Bhatt had failed to name the President of India on the show, Koffee with Karan. She was greatly trolled for her poor general knowledge. Later, when Alia was gracing an award show with her presence, journalists popped the question about do you know why Holi is celebrated? To this, she expressed her anger by asking the same reported, “Do you know who’s the president of China? President of South Africa? If you don’t know then don’t say, bro!”

3. Salman Khan

Salman is surely one of the most loved actors in the Bollywood industry. Not only this, he is known to be a man with a golden heart. However, there have been many instances of Salman being heated up in an interaction with media. One such incident was when, a lady journalist asked him, when is he getting married? To this he replied, “Kya anokha sawaal poocha hai yeh aunty ne! Kaafi manjhi huyi patrakaar hai yeh.”  There have been several other situations in which Salman even left the conference hall, after a tiff with media.

4. Preity Zinta

The beautiful actress with a dimple was known to be dating Ness Wadi. However the relationship ended on a very ugly note in public. The actress had accused Ness with charges such as molestation, threats and abuse. However, the actress continued to work with Ness Wadai as they shared the ownership of an IPL Team. After this fallout, she was questioned by the media about her thoughts on breakup. To this, she replied, “Why do you have to ruin everything? Whatever has happened off the ground has got nothing to do with what happens on the ground which is the game. And I would really appreciate if the media doesn’t blow everything out of proportion.”

5. Abhishek Bachchan

In most of the situations, Abhishek Bachchan is known to be one of the calmest and composed personalities of Bollywood. The fact is known to almost whole media that he does not like at all if his wife is addressed by the name Aish and not Aishwarya. Abhishek along his wife was seen while the promotions of Sarabjeet when a reporter questioned him if he has any tiff going on with his wife which appeared to him. To this, he replied, “I don’t have to say anything to you all about that. I think you all have blown everything out of proportion sadly. But I understand why you all have to do it because you all also have to file some stories. It’s okay, we’re celebrities, we have to bear it.” He then flashed his ring finger to the audience and said, “Still married though, so no sensational news for you today.” 

6. Hrithik Roshan

Many people are not aware of an extremely ugly encounter with media because of the invasion of media into his privacy. The star along with his family was in Shirdi for the blessings when, paparazzi despite of respecting his privacy, followed him insde the temple to click his pictures. To this, the star went rigid on not posing for the camera and even held one camera man by collar in the fit of anger.