Eight Great Health Benefits of Artichoke : Magical Veggie


Benefits of Artichoke: Found exclusively in the islands of Canary, southern Europe, and northern Africa. Artichokes are the doctor’s best friends. Loaded with anti-oxidants and filled with good nutrients. Artichokes do have a magical property of helping in the process of weight loss.

What are they?

Artichokes are actually vegetables of African origin. They occur in groups of blooms in the northern forests of Africa. There are multiple possible preparations for consuming artichokes. Most commonly, they are boiled and steamed.


  1. In the patients with acute diabetes, artichoke extract benefits the most. They improve the delicate balance between insulin and glucagon, the major hormones responsible for monitoring blood sugar levels. Artichokes and diabetes are worst enemies.

  2. In cases of cardiovascular diseases, artichoke extract helps in the dilution of fat deposits in and around the arterial walls. They reduce the blood cholesterol levels and help with breathing issues.

  3. People worried with high levels of obesity can also benefit from the artichoke juice when mixed with plain water. The artichoke helps in working in a cell by cell destruction of adipose tissues around the major organs like liver, stomach and obviously, heart.

  4. Another notable addition to its already well-decorated benefits, artichokes contain sesquiterpene-lactones which help in healing the liver and aiding in the process of weight loss.

  5. People suffering from water retention syndromes often have a tough time fighting They go through this intense phase of bloating, and there is nothing that they can do to prevent it. Bloating is the process where the body gets accustomed to new fitness regimes, and during this phase, the body fails to understand what to do with the excess water in the body, so it stores it up around the muscles and damaged tissues which went through immense wear and tear during the weight loss journey.

  6. It has become imperative to mention that, not only do artichokes have benefits regarding various syndromes but is an excellent low-fat, low-carb diet for extensive fitness freaks. It contains only 22 calories and about 1% fat in around 100 grams of artichoke.

  7. Fat deposits are nothing but deposition of energy-rich cells in and around our body. Artichoke extracts benefits from containing an enzyme-rich content which helps in the quick and efficient digestion of the various kinds of carbohydrates and proteins we load us with throughout the day. So, it does not allow the accumulation of the fat cells.


  1. The thyroid gland in our body is responsible for the maintenance of our thyroxin levels. An unstable thyroxin often gives rise to obesity and also makes our joints painful and inflated, thus preventing us from continuing in our weight loss journey. Artichoke stabilizes thyroid.Artichoke


Though costly in and around India but for the health benefits of Artichokes its avialbale in India markets. Artichokes provide the best healthcare there is possible. They have the magical power to put doctors to shame. Used since ages in the quaint and rural villages of northern African forests and Canary Islands. Artichokes for weight loss had saved the day when doctors weren’t available.