Most Expensive Movie in India Robot 2.0 Crossed 500 Crores in Making

Robot 2.0

Indian cinema is growing vast with every passing year. The past few years mark some relatable examples when movies like Bahubali 2 was released. The film was one of the best box office collectors as well one of the most expensive movies ever made. However, if the sources are to be believed then the upcoming Shankar’s film, Robot 2, is all ready to set a new record. Yes, you heard it right; Robot 2 has become India’s most expensive movie ever.

Robot 2.0

The Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer movie have surpassed Bahubali 2 in terms of making a budget. Bahubali 2 was made with a budget of INR 250 crores, whereas, Robot 2 is estimated to have an investment of INR 500 crores in making. Such a huge investment budget makes Robot 2 as the most expensive and costliest movies in the history of Indian cinema.

Robot 2.0 New

Right from the announcement of the film, it has managed to remain in limelight. The movie is expected to change the entire experience of Indian cinema with its brilliance making techniques. The movie is being shot using 3D cameras, which is one of its kinds. The use of such modern technologies has boosted the making budget of the film, making the film the most expensive.

It was expected that the film would require a budget of INR 300-350 crores in its making. But the movie has crossed the investment budget with a whopping amount. According to industry experts, the movie will not only recover all its investments but will also make huge profits. The first part in the Robot series was highly appreciated by the viewers with great response. The recent box office success of many South Indian movies has confirmed the huge potential market available.

Srinivas Mohan, VFX designer for Robot 2, has confirmed the news that the film will portray the best VFX effects ever. The action sequence for the film was shot under the expert supervision of Kenny Bates, the well-known stunt choreographer of Hollywood. Kenny has worked very closely with the entire crew member of the film.

The makers of the film are leaving no gaps for making the film a huge success. The team of Robot 2 spent INR 6 crores for a recent extravaganza concerning the launch of movie’s first look. Along with this, INR 40 crores is expected to be used for the promotion of the movie.

Robot 2 is not only in the news for being the most expensive movie made, but many other reasons come in the support. Being the debut film of Akshay Kumar in Tamil cinema, it will also see his character play the main antagonist in the movie. Aren’t you all excited about the movie? Leave us a comment on your thoughts about Robot 2 being the costliest Indian cinema. Will the movie totally worth?