Falling Star Challenge: Another Mad Act Trending On Social Media


A trend which is recently sweeping the Instagram and all other social media handles is Falling star challenge. In this act rich and crazy youth post photos in which they face down and show people that they are falling with their items here and there. After kiki challenge, this new mad trend is overshadowing the social media handles. What would you think when you’ll see a rich kid falling out of his Lamborghini with a puddle of handbag and other costly personal items spread here and there? You’ll rush to help them and ask if they’re okay. But this Falling star challenge is not meant to offer help but to open your eyes with awe and find out that it’s just a stunt.

 New Instagram craze with Falling star challenge

The moment people started posting pictures on Instagram flying flat on their faces giving the impression that they’re falling everybody started joining the falling star challenge. Today you can see the entire Instagram painted with this mindless act. It’s going viral on Instagram, and people are raving about this deadly act. These photos initially mean to portray the black rotten side of yourself.

Based on Gioardono’s personal philosophy

Giordano felt uncomfortable with people falling as a result of a personal philosophy that he associated with it. He feels that materialistic life seems to overrule us and has become more important than any other segment of life. Gioardono feels that he needs to capture that exact moment of impact. The moment when you wish to play down the seriousness of your life. This viral series of falling star challenge started in Russia and had gained popularity all over the world. The rich stars have a tendency to flaunt their wealth. They  flatter the subordinate races by their accomplishments in term of money. The idea behind this challenge is to go out in the open and fall down.

Started from Russia and spread all over the world

This crazy trend started in Russia by the rich youth, and slowly it spread all around the world. Now you can see posts saying “ the pink fall, the fallen artist fall, and the caffeine addict fall.” Everybody is trying this deadly act. Wthout thinking about the after effects it can have in their life. They feel that by taking the falling star challenge, they will do a great act of braveness.

Let’s see how far people will go while taking this challenge and how many more people will try to fall and pose.