The Most Famous Logos Containing the Hidden Symbols-


The Most Famous Logos Containing the Hidden Symbols-
You may obviously have seen a number of logos all around you as every single company or a business has its own logo. What is a logo? A logo is a kind of corporate identity of a business which signifies its services and nature. Different businesses or reputed companies have their different types of logos but have you ever noticed the hidden symbols being inside these famous logos? Yes, we are exactly talking about the hidden symbols that can be found in the famous logos.
Let’s discuss these famous logos having the hidden symbols inside them-

McDonald’s- Obviously, everyone is aware of the most famous McDonald’s. This reputed company has a logo, © McDonald’s, what does it mean? What is hidden inside it? Can you imagine the hidden symbol inside this logo, © McDonald’s? No? The designer of this famous logo added a different architectural look to this logo containing the equipped buildings with two large golden arches which signify the symbol of fast food.

Chanel- The company owns a logo, © Chanel © chateau-crema. What is hidden inside it? Can you imagine the magic of the letters “CC”? No? It signifies or represents the first letters of both the romantic one’s castle and Coco’s initials.
Google- The most reputed Google owns the logo, © Google containing the red, yellow, and blue color which together signifies a specific algorithm. The logo is all about breaking up the stereotypes.

Gillette- The logo of this company normally contains only its brand name, Gillette but have you ever noticed the edges of the alphabets ‘G’ and ‘I’? Yes, these two alphabets have the mimic kind of shape which represents the symbol of shaving machine’s blades.

Mitsubishi- The diamonds being stacked on the top of one another in the logo of this famous brand represents the reliability, success, and integrity, on the contrary, the red color represents confidence. Can you ever imagine what Japanese believe? Yes, most of the Japanese have a belief that red color always helps to attract the genuine customers.
Goodwill- You may obviously aware of the famous and popular non-profit organization, named as Goodwill which usually collects the donations of food, clothing, and other basic essentials to help the needy people. The letter ‘G’ in its logo resembles a happy face.

FedEx- Have you ever noticed the symbol or indication being there through the empty space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’? This space between the two of its letters signifies or symbolizes the courier services and its trustworthiness.

Nike- Can you imagine who discovered its logo? Yes, it is a student named Carolyn Davidson who designed this logo in 1975 and was paid about $35 for the same. What does it symbolize? Do you know? It symbolizes the wings of the goddess of Greek, Nike who always used to inspire the warriors to victory.

Numerous people just don’t try to know about these hidden symbols which can be found in such famous logos we usually see all around us in our daily life. But, yes, each and every single logo has its own symbol. These all are the most famous and popular logos which have some hidden symbols inside them.