Food Exhibitors at DFTF


The list is not over yet. The very famous and most awaited Delhi Food Truck Festival (DFTF) bring you a peek a boo in the list of food exhibitors waiting to welcome you at the festival with their savoring and mouth-watering dishes.

1. Chicago Pizza

 Chicago Pizza is famous for preparing pizzas according to different flavors and styles developed in Chicago. Their most of the delicious pizzas are prepared in deep-dish style or stuffed pizza. Their deep-dish pizzas are different from regular pizza because their crust is very deep, which somewhat looks like a pie rather than a flatbread.  Let your taste buds enjoy the cheesy flavors of Chicago Pizza only at Delhi Food Truck Festival (DFTF).

2. Firangi

Firangi has it all. Name it and they serve you best of rolls, pizza, momos, pasta and Chinese. These are the dishes upon which every foodie goes gaga over. They have come all the way to Delhi Food Truck Festival (DFTF) to treat you with their tempting delicacies.

3. Healthy Hocker

If you are a foodie and a health conscious person, then Healthy Hawkers is a perfect option for one to go to. They have a variety of dishes such as thalis, shakes and what not and the only thing in common with them is, the fact that every ingredient which is used in their food items, is in strict accordance with the health and the taste is not at all compromised. Don’t miss your chance of tasting the healthy yet amazing food from Healthy Hawkers only at DFTF.

4. Wafflish

Wafflish, yes this eating place is making people fall in love with their different, unique yet tempting waffles. Waffle being the new most loved dish in the food market is the weakness of every person these days. Wafflish brings you their signature dish Nutella Sandwich And Banana Pancake with Nutella topping only at Delhi Food Truck Festival (DFTF). Indulge yourselves in the heavenly taste of sweet waffles.

5. Oh So Stoned

Do you also go mad over the yummiest Ice Creams Sundae, Hot Chocolate Fudge, Waffle Cone, Thick Shakes, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Icecreams? Then the good news is that, Oh So Stoned would be there to welcome you at DFTF with their dishes. Their one of the most popular dishes is scarface noir, a must try especially for a chocolate lover.

6. The Catering Factory

When one is planning to organize events, food tops the list. The Catering Factory provides its customers with the best quality of food with making zero compromises on the taste of their food items. If one ever tastes their food, they are sure to visit them again and again because of the flavors they put in their food. The Catering Factory is all set to welcome you all at the largest food festival, Delhi Food Truck (DFTF).