Friendship day gifts for him and her : Best friend gifts ideas

Friendship day

Friendship Days Gifts and Best Friend Gifts Ideas: Do you find yourself confused between what to gift that special friend of yours on this friendship day, then read on? We bring you the most special, pocket-friendly and useful gift ideas for him and her.

happy-friendship-day-2018-best-Friend-GiftsBest Friend Ideas Gifts for him on Friendship Day 2018
  1. Beard kit – following the current trend, the beard is the new fashion statement for men these days. Every man wants to achieve that perfect beard look and outshine others. Therefore, pamper your special one with the beard kit that suits his requirement and this kit will definitely make way for you to his heart. One of the best friend gifts for friendship day gifts 2018.
  2. Cigarette Case- If your man prefers smoking, gift him with a beautiful cigarette box which he can flaunt. These days malls, gift shops, and markets are flooding with the variety of cigarette boxes, so choose the one which best suits with your man’s personality.
  3. Bluetooth headphones- If your special one is a music fan, then the Bluetooth headphones would be the perfect choice for him. Go for a brand he always wanted to buy, keeping in mind his favorite color.
  4. T-shirt- These are an always go to option to buy when you cannot think of anything else. Select merchandise from this favorite apparel brand with the color which best suits him. Nothing else would be able to beat the big bright smile on his face after seeing this T-shirt.
  5. Coffee kit- If coffee is the only other drug he is addicted to after you, then show him some love by buying him his favorite Starbucks coffee-kit. He will surely miss you every time he sips his morning and evening coffee.


Best Friend Ideas for her on Friendship Day 2018
  1. Book- If your special friend is a book-worm who loves to read whenever given a chance, then buying the book of her favorite author or the book she is willing to buy from sometimes would be the best option. Nothing can replace the value of the book in her life if reading is her only hobby, it is among the best friend gifts for your girlfriend.
  2. Bracelet- We can see many bracelets at the market these days imprinted with the personalized messages on them, buying one such pair which stays with each one of your will surely steal her heart. She will always smile and miss you whenever she will see her matching bracelets.
  3. Fragrance- If your woman is a fragrance fan, then this option is a must go for you. Every woman wants to smell good as it makes them feel more beautiful and confident. P.S, if she has any favorite brand, she uses then pamper her with that fragrance. Perfumes are considered in best elegant friendship day gifts for women.
  4. Wallet- Having a trendy and stylish wallet to carry is the new fashion game for girls. Gift your special friend with a wallet which is unique and trending. Women literally have a soft corner for best friend gifts wallets which they cannot deny anytime.
  5. Personalised hugging-pillow- Alos one of the good friendship day Gifts for her with a soft huge cushion or pillow to hug every night to her sleep with a personalized message and a picture of you two imprinted on it. She will remember you and smile every time she hugs that pillow.


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