Well, there are many things to watch on television like movies, comedy shows, reality shows but the funniest among them is Hindi Tv serials. The storyline, the concept is all just the same but shown in a different way. So here are some funny things about Indian Tv Serials-

1. The Concept of Hero And Heroine Being Separated Everytime-

You can imagine meeting any two particular things, but the hero and heroine are never gonna meet. At the beginning they hate each other then suddenly they start loving each other and when they are ready to get married, either the family disagrees or there exists some villain!  

2.Atyachari Saans-

No there is no possibility of having a sweet Mother- in Law because in Indian Tv serials there exist a “KHADUS” and “ATYACHARI” saans who is always ready to curse and torture her bahu. And the Bahu is always ready to give her “MUH TOD JAWAB”.

3. There Has To Be One Kamolika Present-

Yes, the show is incomplete of the presence of Villian is not there. Sooner or later there exists a Villian who has to spice the situation up and add more twist to the situation. Because Indian TV serials cannot go well without ruining the lover’s life and making the villain the main target of the audience.

4. The Poor-Rich Story-

The thing that anybody never understood is that a person is Rich first then suddenly he becomes bankrupt and is poor but still, he has a rich big car to afford and a big Bungalow to stay. If there is no money so how can he and his family afford the luxurious life? It is still a suspense for many people.

5.The Funny Background Music in Indian TV serial-

The funniest thing that happens while watching an episode is the background music in Indian TV serials. There can be dangerous sounds which can scare people. The focuses that are made continuously on people’s face is hilarious!



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