Gauri’s Reaction on Arshi’s Closeness with Hubby Hiten in Bigg Boss 11

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As everyone knows that Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial shows on the TV screen. The show is hosted by the popular actor, Salman Khan, and the show is all about the fights, comedy, entertainment, and a lot of controversies with an unadulterated drama. May you obviously know the drama queen of this season? Yes, here we are talking about Arshi Khan who has been watched while increasing her closeness to the other contestant, Hiten Tejwani. She was seen as flirting with Hiten in the Bigg Boss House. You won’t believe that Hiten is a complete family man having two kids with her wife, Gauri Pradhan Tejwani.

Can you ever imagine the reaction of his wife, Gauri Tejwani on hubby’s closeness with Arshi? Every common woman may start shouting at her husband of doing so but here is a completely different scenario where Gauri has revealed that she has no problem with all what is actually going on in the house of Bigg Boss. She maturely shared her opinion by saying that all these things have not shocked me at all. She expressed her faith in her husband. She stood up for her husband and said that these things can’t ever bother her as she knows Hiten very well and these things are just a part of the show which must have to be done or performed for the higher TRPs.

Gauri said that she is very well aware of the commitment made by Hiten towards his family and thus, these things don’t bother her. She is not blaming any of the two. She really gave a genuine and mature opinion on Arshi’s closeness with hubby, Hiten by expressing him as not a diplomatic kind of guy. She is very much happy with his performances in the house of the Bigg Boss. She has shared some of the qualities of her hubby, Hiten by saying that he is totally composed of calmness and never loses his temper even in his daily life as he is a fun-loving and entertaining kind of guy.

As Bigg Boss is never be scripted and thus, several controversies and fights are usually going on happening in every new season but this time, here is all about  married man who is also feeling uncomfortable with her housemate’s behavior but yes, he said that he will manage as it is a part of the show. The rest of the part of the show is going in a good flow and the wife, Gauri Pradhan Tejwani has really behaved maturely on the increasing closeness of Arshi Khan with the hubby, Hiten Tejwani by supporting him as she always does in her real life.

The two are in a happily married relationship with each other having a strong bond of understanding and they have expressed their true love during this controversy in the Bigg Boss Season 11. Just keep watching the other episodes of Bigg Boss Season 11 to stay tuned!!!