A shocking incident occurred in Gurugram as a rape victim was shot dead by the accused for not withdrawing her case from the court.

The dead body of 22-year-old girl was found on Gurgaon- Faridabad expressway at 6 in morning. According to the news reports, she was in few hours going to record her statement against the bouncer who allegedly raped her in court.

The girl was shot with 4 bullets. When the victim’s mother was approached, she informed that her daughter used to work as a dancer in a bar for 4 years. There, her daughter was raped by a bouncer who worked at the same place and was the friend of the victim. For recording the statement of injustice against her, the mother also traveled to Gurugram from Karnal.

Mother of the victim said;

“the bouncer, Sandeep Kumar, took her daughter from home by force. No one could stop him.”

“Kumar came to my house at Nathupur early morning and requested to speak to her for a few minutes in his car. But he sped away as soon as she sat inside. A few hours later at 6 am, he threatened me over the phone to withdraw the case, saying he would kill her.”

It was back in the year 2017, March when the girl was raped. After which she filed an FIR against Sandeep Kumar. Due to this, the man was arrested but eventually attained bail.

The dead body of the victim was found on the expressway by passers and they alerted the control room.

Gurgaon police spokesperson Subhash Bokan said;

“On the statement of the victim’s mother, we have registered an FIR against Sandeep. The accused, a resident of Tigaon in Faridabad, is on the run.”