What happens in your body when you stop exercising?


It is normal that during your training you skip a day or two, but, what happens in your body when you stop exercising and make those few sessions in a month or two? There are people whose “rest period” lasts even longer.

After this time it is very difficult to find motivation to return to the path. That’s why it’s so important that you understand what’s going on in your body when you stop exercising…

What happens in your body when you stop exercising?

1 – 3 days without exercise

Skipping from one to three workouts is not so serious, even after a strong workout, your body will thank you for taking a rest. This is ideal for your body to recover, muscles to strengthen and regain strength.

 Week without exercise

The fibers in your muscles begin to soften and you generally retain many fluids. You may feel some swelling and tiredness, as the energy levels in your body are unbalanced. This is where most people fall, especially when you are going through a vacation. If you cannot follow your normal routine, it is advisable to at least take a walk, walk up stairs or otherwise activate.

Fifteen days without activity

When you have reached a certain time of having left the exercise, in this case within fifteen days, you will begin to notice that your physical condition and physical appearance will start to feel a change, as well as your resistance to certain exercises that you could do without no problem now you will do them but with more slowness and especially with more effort.

After a couple of weeks without exercise

Things generally begin to encourage, you can even feel changes is your digestive system, this becomes slower and you may have some constipation. At the cellular level the energy levels also drop and your cardiovascular endurance starts to slow down. Maybe even going up the stairs will start to cost you work.

What happens in your body when you stop exercising for a month?

What you had gained in endurance and strength ends up disappearing. Each time you have fewer muscles and you start to accumulate more body fat. Stress and insomnia can become stronger and more frequent.

6 months or more

Your energy levels are super low, your metabolism is in tatters and your body I entered a state of “rest” so accumulate more calories from fat and less muscle more. Your heart and lungs work with greater difficulty because the blood circulates slower.



When you’ve left for more than 1 year.

Your body fat percentage has increased dramatically. You have lost most of your muscle and your metabolism is by the way turtle. The risk that you’re blood pressure raises and your body more prone to getting diabetes is increasing. If you have insomnia or some depression, it is very likely that this is the cause. Perhaps these changes are not so noticeable at first; however your body feels and resents.

Of course, the loss is not less when you brake or stop training altogether. That is, when you go from training and even competing regularly to doing nothing more than the minimum activity that requires you’re day to day for a long time.