Independence Day Messages on WhatsApp, Wishes, Images, Quotes to Share on 15th August


    15th August every year is celebrated as an Independence Day of India. On the occasion of Independence Day greetings are exchanged among peoples all over India.
    They congratulate each other by sharing messages, images and quotes. They all celebrate the independent India .

    Here are some messages you would love to share:

    -Happy Independence Day to you and your family. May you have a great day and celebrate it with full Joy and purity.

    -Celebrate your independence to fullest. Happy Independence Day

    -Celebrate the proud day for India with full Joy, happy Independence Day

    -May you start this day with the feeling of nationalism in your heart. Happy Independence Day.

    -This day was necessary and finally we were able to make up to it. Celebrate this freedom and remember the favors. Happy Independence Day to all.

    -Freedom is precious and valuable, let’s celebrate it together.

    -Independence had cost a lot, remembering our heroes let’s celebrate Independence Day.

    -Never forgetting sacrifice will always encourage us to celebrate this day, happy Independence Day.

    -We may forget everything, but this day remind our existence, our freedom every day. Happy Independence Day

    – May this day give you Independence from all the evilness that still dwells here.

    -You are independent, feel it every day.

    -Free fighter make us taste this freedom, a salute to all of them, happy Independence Day.

    Some Leader’s View

    Here are some thoughts of our freedom fighters for the journey to freedom. This journey wasn’t easy and every person tried their best. Their words at that time were very motivating for a normal person:

    These are the wording of father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. His words rightly describe the importance and need of freedom. Deep down the meaning lies.

    Netaji subhash Chandra Bose, a freedom fighter’s quotes develops the feeling of nationalism.

    His words were strong and freedom was not his need, it was demand. His sayings are precious milestones. He was always soft with his actions and words. His way of presenting things made people follow him and his work. People supported him in every possible way.

    Though his words were tough, was always accurate and descripted enough to let know his free intensions.

    Bhagat Singh: he was known for his sharp words and actions. He threatened many
    British officials at his time. He meant his words and implemented those. His ideas were
    very clear, he wanted to do everything for his nation.

    This thoughts were inspirational for all
    and were respected.

    With the thought of these leaders and their
    actions our country got its freedom and we
    really appreciate their sacrifices and
    courage they have shown for India. This day
    signifies the contribution of millions of people
    who gave away their life and their personal
    life. They gave life to their country and made
    it independent.

    Wish you all a very happy independence day ,enjoy your freedom and appreciate the
    sacrifices made for the country