Do you hate House Parties too? Presenting AIB: Honest House Parties

Honest House Parties

All India Backchod: Honest House Parties

It’s time of the year again. New Year’s Eve is around the corner and Surely one of your friend’s must be throwing a house party. 

Of all things, the truth stands: it’s fun to attend house parties but not to throw one, as such. 

There are tons of things you gotta worry about, having enough food, dealing with drunk annoying friends, and the very possibility of people throwing up, so on and forth. 

As always, AIB is back with Videos which describe our true feelings. 

So if you are a regular at house parties you might just relate to these 

AIB’s honest house parties. 

Check out 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

share your favourite house party moments in the comments section.