How Jacqueline was rejected for the role in Bharat?


There is an ongoing rivalry between Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez and everybody is aware about it. It has been revealed that the role that has been given to Katrina was coveted by her rival as well. Some sources say that as soon as Jacqueline heard that Priyanka has opted out of the movie she contacted Salman Khan as well as the director Ali Abbas.

What was the result? Jacqueline Out of Bharat !!!

The answer to this question is nothing happened at all. The source suggested that Salman Khan ignored, the request made by Jacqueline. After the results of Race 3, it was not a surprise. It is also being said that Katrina was the first choice for the role in Bharat. It was only when Priyanka Chopra requested to be in the film then she was replaced.

Now, that Priyanka Chopra has decided to opt out of the movie due to her engagement of the American Popstar, Nick Jonas the original choice was recast again.

How did the two actresses become rivals?

A while back, Jacqueline considered Katrina Kaif a role model. As both of them were foreigners with little to no knowledge of Hindi. Another connecting link between the two was Salman Khan. Jacqueline first worked with Salman Khan in the movie, Kick. After this, she also got a chance to star opposite to Salman in another Remo D’Souza’a film. It was then Salman Khan realized that he won’t be the right choice for the film and decided to act in Race 3.

Originally, Katrina Kaif was going to be the lead actress in Race 3 but she has already starred with Salman in Tiger Zinda Hai so the role was offered to Jacqueline instead.

As Salman thought he was responsible for bringing the dance film with D’Souza to a halt. In order to show a good gesture, he asked him and Jacqueline to work on another project.

This replacement was not liked by Katrina and she thought that Salman is favouring Jacqueline over her. Henceforth started the bitter rivalry between the two actresses.

The result

During the Dabangg Reloaded Tour which is taking place in the US. Salman was of course going to be a part of the tour but on the other hand he had Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Sonakshi Sinha as well as Manish Paul. Some reports began to suggest that there is something wrong between Jacqueline and Katrina. The two of them don’t like to appear together on stage and keep away behind the scenes.

This became clear and Salman had to ask the organizers to ensure that the two of them don’t have to come across one another, on stage as well as off stage. The condition is so bad that the two actresses are provided rooms on different floors of the hotel. It seems that this isn’t working too well and the organizers might end up providing them with rooms in different hotels altogether.