How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Common Monsoon Illness

Mansoon Illness

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Common Monsoon Illness

‘Sipping that freshly brewed coffee……

Peeping by the bay window….

As the curtains flutter in the breeze….

The pitter-patter of the pearl drops and the

Petrichor shall soothe your being!

And as the mud puddles….

You cuddle with your pillow reminiscing the fond memories of your childhood of floating paper boats and dancing cheerfully in the drizzles!


Ta-da! Let’s fast forward from those bygone days to the present scenario where you are reigning the much-blessed state of ‘parenthood’! But no matter how blissful and enticing the monsoon seasons are, the parental care and consciousness within you always tend to trouble the possibilities of monsoon illness, posing a potent threat to your little lads’ health.

But by just being conscious, you are snatching your child’s right to create their own fond memories of childhood which will be cherished for a lifetime. So yeah! Why fret when all you could do is to be little careful by taking up the following preventions to protect their health this season. And let’s give our chipmunks the space to enjoy the joys that the rain brings along!


  1. Freshly cooked food 

Typhoids are the most deadly ones during monsoons. They tend to spread from contaminated food and water. So to prevent any such ailments from contracting your child, make sure that you provide them with freshly cooked meals. Avoid eateries from hotels and restaurants as we can’t guarantee on how hygienic it is.


  1. Seek a healthy diet

Monsoon seasons are a way to figure out how immune we are to diseases. So focus on building your child’s immunity. Make sure that they follow a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants as they provide with a whole lot of nutritional values to the body. Thorough washing of fruits and vegetables is a must along with re-heating the leftover foods properly once before serving. Avoid eating raw foods such as salads and other items as they are prone to get contaminated very fast.


  1. Drinking plenty of water keeps hydrated to fight with monsoon illness

Being hydrated is much like a shield that helps you fight off flu and cold. Drinking enough water daily aids you to flush off the toxins and bacteria from your child’s body. However, consuming contaminated water is the gateway for many monsoon illnesses. Waterborne diseases reigns during the monsoons. So be cautious to ward-off such situations by providing them with well boiled and filtered water.


  1. Say No to mosquitoes

Breeding mosquitoes in water lodged areas pose a great threat to the spread of many monsoon diseases. Malaria and dengue are two such diseases that overrule the season due to water-logging that serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So to make your home mosquito-proof, avoid water stagnation in and around your home by draining off the vases and vessels. Try using mosquito nets and repellants to ensure further safety.


  1. Nail biting?? Nay – Nay!

Never let them take up this nasty habit for so long. Biting nails that are accumulated with dirt and bacteria make its way straight to the stomach and thereby leading to gastric diseases. So to bring an end to this habit of theirs lets become little tricky. Apply neem or bottle gourd juice on their nails and let it dry. We can be sure of how good their resistance to bite their nails turn out to be after the first bitter bite! Hehe!


  1. Personal Hygiene is prime

Cleansing the body and maintaining it is a must to prevent the festering of bacteria, germs and viruses. Using hand sanitizers before you start cooking is well encouraged. Giving your child a wet shower after playing in the puddles is also to be noted.


So help your child to make the most of this blissful season by taking care of all the mentioned preventive measures. Let them enjoy the innocence of their childhood as you get to enjoy the responsibilities of parenthood!