IAF Air strike In Pakistan on 26th February: – Recent Updates!


Tension has been running high and clashes are going to be evident in a delicate situation that is happening right now between India and Pakistan. On 14th February 2019, there was a devastating terrorist attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Kashmir that lead to the tragic death of around 45 military officers. The terrorist attack was allegedly perpetrated by the Jaish-e-Mohammad( a terrorist group operating within the Pakistan borders) Despite warnings and repeated peaceful requests to shut down the terrorist camps in its own country, Pakistan has been nonchalant and defiant.

IAF Air Strike on 26th February, 2019

The Indian PM had given a strong statement that the army had the full right to retaliate as it saw fit, and many other countries like USA, France and Israel had supported India’s right to self-defence and to take action as per its requirements. On 26th February, an IAF squadron from Gwalior launched a surprise attack, crossing the LoC and destroying the largest JeM camp in PoK, which had 25 trainers and around 300 terrorists living there. The Indian squadron put 1000kg bombs and opened gunfire on the camps, effectively destroying all that remained and lived there.

PAF tries to retaliate, fails attempt; captures IAF pilot instead

On 27th February, it was reported that two F-16s from Pakistan Air Force had crossed the Line of Control and attempted to attack the Indian army bases in Rajouri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. However the IAF, being alert pushed back the planes and shot down one of F-16 that had violated the Indian Airspace. Two bombs fell near the Rajouri sector, but thankfully no one was harmed. While shooting down one of the Pakistan Air Force F-16s, One Mig 21 From the Indian air Force has been reported missing in action, The pilot allegedly has been captured by Pakistan. The Indian Authorities are checking through the facts right now.

World supports India and calls for restraint for both the countries.

The USA has supported India’s airstrike on the JeM camp and cautioned Pakistan to focus on destroying the terror havens instead of pushing for another attack. China has supported India’s right to self-defence, however it maintains that it hopes for a peaceful resolution and can be useful as a constructive ally to both.  France has also taken India’s side in this sordid tale. While Pakistan Army hasn’t given much response for the Indian airstrike, the Pakistan government is apparently livid and calls it a “grave aggression.”

Let us keep watching for the latest updates and while we all hope for a peaceful resolution, the terrorists and their sympathizers need to be wiped out and closed down as fast as possible. Till then, the Indian Army will continue to be vigilant and keep on trying to protect our country as much as they can.