IMDB releases the top 10 stars of Indian cinema, now guess who is the number1 :



There have been countless movies that have made a mark throughout this year, and IMDB has finally released the list of top 10 actors for this year. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that your favorite actors are on the list! This time also, there are a number of common actors up on the list and guess who is number 1! And you are right! It is Deepika Padukone, the one with the Paadmavati massive hit this year. She just crossed her mentor and friend Shah Rukh Khan, who is at a close number 2.

It is probable that there’s something about the fact she’s crossed 300 crores that she has been rated as number 1. In all probabilities, she is the most popular actress. There has been yet another addition to the list which is Kubra Sait, the actress from the web series Sacred Games. We’ve seen so many memes on her, and we know why she is so popular. On number three is Aamir, clearly because there hasn’t been much from his side this year.

Aishwarya follows the list on number 4, Salman then on 5, followed by Katrina and  Kubra. Irrfan Khan comes next, with Radhika on number 9 and last of them all Akshay Kumar. The listings haven’t been done in a clear category, because we’ve not any much from Aishwarya, yet she is on the list. Salman and Katrina might have hit the box office, there haven’t been any good movies from them though. However, the list looks like an average popularity rating, which has hardly any correlation with the actresses or actors. The position of Deepika, however, seems just and appropriate.

All set and done, its going to be a new year and the role of movies will begin again. Radhika on so low on the list doesn’t match at all, she’s been acting in all popular web series and in all good movies. The scales will again turn next year and we will know who’s top again. Alia has been doing significantly well, yet her name is not mentioned on this one. Vicky Kaushal’s name seems to be missing too. Other names like Ranbir Kapoor also seems to be off – although Ranbir this year has done a brilliant job. We can only hope that the net year holds more interesting names and the category of selection be mentioned.