Today at 3:30 in the morning, IAF jet strike and destroyed Jaish camp across LOC. It was discovered that around 200-300 terrorists were killed under the attack.

The Pulwama attack on 14 February in Kashmir killed 40 Indian soldiers mercilessly. It seems that the sorrow and grief for the loss of Indian soldiers have graved deep inside the heart of Indians. The country is not over the way in which CRPF jawans were attacked by fidayeen from Jaish.

Today at 3:30 early morning around 12 jet planes dropped 1000 Kgs of bomb over the largest terrorist camp of Jaish. According to the reports, Pakistani F16s were sent in the air to retaliate Indian jets, but after looking at the massive formation by Indian, they returned.

Air Commodore S Srinivasan, AOC, Chandigarh airbase said;

“All airbases of Punjab and Haryana including Ambala and Sirsa are on high alert. We are ready for the worst to achieve best.”

The attack just happened before few hours. Therefore, the calculations and exact intensity of damage would be calculated in some time. The estimated record of killing around 200-300 terrorists.

Prakash Javadekar, Union minister said;

“It was a necessary step required for the security of the country … it was an act of maha
parakram (mightily act).”

However, despite filled with rage in the blood, India had made sure no to cause any civilian causalities under this bomb attack.

According to the latest news and updates, a highly confidential and secured meeting is going to be held. This meeting would take place at the residence of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

India has proved itself that, whenever such a situation arises, India will not keep quite. We will revolt the enemy with much anger and frustration. It is now time to take some serious actions.

As soon as the news has spread over the internet, news and all over, Each and every citizen of India is full of praises for the Indian Armed Forces and congratulates them for the same.