Infertility- Reasons Why You Are Infertile?


What is Infertility? Why am I Infertile? These questions are really disturbing for a woman who is trying for a very long time to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is a really big moment for both parents. The moment parents come across this good news it changes their whole world, it fills them with joy and happiness. But there are times when people try for a long to conceive but results are negative. Either the female partner could be the cause of infertility or the male partner. In many cases, women face from depression if they are infertile and are not getting pregnant.

Types Of Infertility

There are generally two types of infertility that become the reason for a failed pregnancy. One of the two parents can be infertile or both of them can be infertile at the same time. No matter what the reason is infertility doesn’t let anyone conceive. It creates risks, complications and failed pregnancy.
If the male partner is infertile then he can choose a sperm donor for carrying out the treatment to become fertile. There are various treatments including IVF, blood sample test and many more. In some cases, semen analysis of males is done to check the count of sperms present and detect the abnormalities if there are any!
If the female partner is infertile, then there are different ways to deal with female infertility. Females are given various drugs and hormonal treatment that supports their body to ovulate properly. In some cases, various surgeries are also performed to find out the complications and overcome them.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment depends upon various factors, from the age of the person, personal preferences to general health issues. Many factors need to be considered while stating the treatment/ medications because one wrong step can create several problems and complications.

So here are some of the ways to treat an infertile male/female-
• Erectile Dysfunction Treatment-

Treatment to erectile dysfunction improves the chances of fertility and it increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

• Medical Therapy-

Sometimes by taking medical therapies do help, special drugs are given to both men and women to deal with the issues that create problems in conceiving.

• Surrogacy-

Surrogacy is the way in which the female is inseminated with the male’s sperm and the surrogate mother carries the baby on behalf of the actual mother.

• IVF Treatment-

IVF (In vitro fertilisation) Treatment basically carries an egg fusion with the sperm and then it is planted in the female uterus, medications are also given in order to keep the process working. It takes several months to help the ovaries produce eggs and react to fertility treatment.