Infosys Employee Murdered : Security Guard Arrested


    Hundreds of people gathered  in Kerala’s Kozhikode for burial


    In a shocking incident an Infosys employee was found dead in its’ Pune office on Sunday evening. She was a 25-year-old girl named Ms Raju, who was found dead strangled with a computer wire in her neck. Company officials told that she was working on her day off. A security guard has been arrested for her murder as the CCTV footage indicates him as a suspect: police told.


    She’s from Kerala who was working outside home to give her a good career life, her mother died two years back and father is an ex Army man. Her brother is also working and currently on work assignment abroad.

    Her body arrived in Kerala via flight from Mumbai this morning. Hundreds of people flown condolence to her and gathered in the burial rituals at her home town Kozhikode


    Police is investigating the case carefully so that they can trace the real suspect behind this, they are also looking it a various angles so that they ensure no mistakes have been made during the investigation.

    Meantime this sad news had shocked the nation once again, crime against women have been increasing fast and out political systems still not capable to secure the life of our girls.