Molly Russell

These days, social media users have been very much prone to be exposed to self-harming and other sensitive content, easily accessible. The authorities of Instagram have decided to cut down on the sensitive screening content. Hence, ceasing the visibility of self-harm and disturbing content is the newly adopted feature of Instargram.

Recently a 14-year-old teenager, Molly Russell took her life after watching self-harm content on Instagram. It was reported by her parents to the officials about this incident. This is not the first of its kind. There have been countless cases of people taking away their own lives after witnessing sensitive content.

According to the study and research, it has been discovered that in most of the cases teenage girls under 20 years of age are much prone to commit suicide. Facebook has already taken its stand against promoting such content on its pages and profiles.

The new feature on Instagram blurs away the sensitive content. The user will not be able to view the same until they decide so. A team of engineers and reviewers have been hired to keep a check on the same.

It is requested to all the internet users to not get carried-away with self-harm proposing content.

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