James Charles shocking statement that claims YouTubers aren’t paid enough

Youtubers are not paid enough - james charles

Who is James Charles?

The popular YouTuber and the well-known makeup artist, James Charles, took the whole world with extreme shock. The artist claimed that the YouTubers aren’t paid as much as the mainstream celebrities. He further acknowledged the fact that despite creating their own stardom, the YouTubers are not given the same amount of respect.

James Charles took the help of the Twitter account to make this matter reach the higher audience. On his Twitter account, he wrote, “Just read an article about YouTuber net worths and couldn’t help but laugh at how low the estimates all were. Traditional media stay ignorant to the fact that most of us run empires and have better engagement than traditional media celebrities but keep making those lists lol.”

James Charles shocking statement

James Charles not only just said about the earnings and net worth of the YouTube artists but also compared the same with the mainstream celebrities. He further added, “If you think about it, what are the real differences between typical “celebrities” and big YouTubers? both have talents, both have millions of people watching them, both do endorsement deals & can sell a product, both get press, both get paid a lot.. I’m curious to hear your input.”

As an addition to his statements, he also mentioned, “only major difference is the pay gap & respect. YouTubers bring the same assets to the table (if not more, because in most cases we’re more easily accessible to our followers) yet we’re paid a FRACTION by advertisers & still not taken seriously by brands or media. It’s frustrating.”

James Charles revealed

As soon as this statement became viral, the entire world started talking about the same matter. Many of them came in support of James statement while there were many who didn’t share the same mindset as the YouTube artist. There was seen a buzz in the entire industry with such Tweets of James.

Factors for low income through youtube

James Charles also highlighted the fact that it is really difficult for the people outside the media coverage to create the same amount of respect. He also mentioned the struggles that YouTubers have to go through to get the same amount of name and fame as that of the mainstream celebrities.

James Charles show

Although, if one would consider the numbers, there are some YouTubers who are making a good amount of money using the channel, so, are James’ statement really true? What are your opinions on the matter? Do you think the Tweets of James have a valid point in them? Leave a comment and let me know what you think on the entire matter.