Another Burari Like Mass Suicide in Jharkhand Family


News of family suicides comes almost every day and piercingly the news tops the column of the newspaper. This month about three such cases flashed out to our concerns, first is Burari case from Delhi and 2 cases are from Jharkhand.

On 1st July people encountered Burari Case News. The trauma continued and Jharkhand came up with shocking events. And it was again a Family suicide.

Financial problems – lead to Family Suicides

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15th July 2018 ended the chapter of an entire family. This all happened in a house in Hazaribagh District’s munga bagicha area. Police found six members of the same family dead inside their house. There were two men, two women, and two children. Police says that the family was ‘debt-ridden’, after recovering a suicide note from their house.

Some more cases of family suicides are from Jharkhand. A dreadful incident happened in Ranchi. There seven members, five adults and two children of the same family pushed themselves to death. Police says that the two brothers first killed the rest members and then hanged themselves to death. The family was going through financial problems. One more time it was money that led Families to commit suicide.

What happened in Burari?


Burari, a place in North of Delhi. Sunday wasn’t a great day here as it seemed messed up and confused about a situation. On 1st July 2018 Police found eleven members of the same family (Bhatiya’s) dead.

Bhatiya family used to run a grocery shop in the north of Delhi, Burari. One day the shop was not open that led neighbors to suspect this. Neighbors called the police on Sunday’s morning. The family of eleven was found dead, the mother, Narayani, her two sons, their wives, a daughter, and five children.

The family suicide doesn’t seem very clear and is still a mystery sort. It is said that the family was planning this suicide for a long time according to the diary recovered from their house. Also, Police pointed out possibilities of involvement of some unusual spiritual practices in the family that caused them to commit suicide. Diary had the clues of the suicide and now has been taken into custody.

Burari case still doesn’t seem solved, when it’s suspected that it can be murder or a suicide. This case involves a spiritual background that also gives it another direction.

Jharkhand’s family were in trouble due to their financial condition where on the other hand Burari family was into something suspicious. But this all ended with the destruction of two families. So miserable to the society!