Kader Khan in Hospital

One of the most talented and highly respected actors of our Bollywood industry is lately not keeping well. Kader Khan has been admitted to hospital in Canada as he was facing some problems in breathing. The doctors have also informed the risk of suffering from Pneumonia to the actor.

From the recent updates received by us, the actor is kept on a BiPAP ventilator since the time, he started facing problems while breathing. The latest update about the actor’s health informs us that, Kader Khan is in a conscious state able and to maintain eye contact but he is not talking.

The disease through which the actor, Kader Khan is suffering is from a progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), this is a degenerative disease which causes loss of balance, difficulty in walking and dementia. In the year 2017, the actor also underwent knee surgery. He was also visited by his dear friend, Shakti Kapoor.

Shakti Kapoor said, 

“Yes, Kader Khan is now on a wheelchair. It’s so so sad to be talking about this…”

Kader Khan’s son also reported that even after the surgery went well, still the actor has refused to get up from the wheelchair.

The actor is presently residing in Canada with his son and daughter-in-law for a few years now.

Some of the most known films of the actor are Dulhe Raja, Haseena Maan Jayegi and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. He was last seen in 2015 film Ho Gaya Deemag Ka Dahi.