Is Kapil Sharma ruining his career because of his lady love?


Kapil Sharma, a well-known name in the households once upon a time, has now lost his charms. It seems long ago when his jokes had humour in them. From being an ordinary middle-class participant of a comedy show, he built an entire empire of comedy through his ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. But now it seems this success has gotten too much into him and he is not interested in retaining it. Nowadays, Kapil has been into a lot of controversies and seems ruining career.

Losing his interest or some other reason?

After the huge success of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, Kapil Sharma’s recent show, ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’ went down as a flop. This is believed to be due to Kapil’s disinterest and lack of dedication. Now you must be wondering the reason for this. Well, it was revealed by a close friend of Kapil Sharma that his current girlfriend Ginni Chatrath was the reason behind this.

According to reports, during the shoot of ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’, Kapil Sharma made Rani Mukherjee wait for nearly 2 hours for the promotion of the movie ‘Hicchki’. He was called several times but was unavailable. Later, the team called up Ginni Chatrath and were finally able to talk to Kapil. However, Kapil’s response was very vague. He replied that he lost his interest in the show and did not want to do anything. Later it was revealed by a close friend of Kapil that Ginni was behind all this. Earlier, a rumour had spread about Kapil and Ginni’s break up. Though, this was soon cleared off. But the friend said that Kapil was in depression due to her and so couldn’t concentrate on his work. The friend blamed Ginni for ruining Kapil’s life and career.

Know Ginni Chatrath aka Bhavneet Chatrath


Ginni Chatrath aka Bhavneet Chatrath is Kapil Sharma’s fiancée. They met on the sets of a Punjabi comedy show ‘Hansamali’ and have been dating since then. They have been spotted together on a lot of occasions. Kapil made their relationship public in March 2017 by revealing his love on social media by posting a picture with a caption referring to Ginni as his ‘wife’. They are set to tie the knot next year but it seems there have been some complications developing. There have been speculations that he has been ruining career because of this.

Let’s hear it from the comedian himself

Due to such behaviour on the sets, Kapil Sharma was reprimanded by the channel and the shoot was eventually cancelled. It is believed that this was the reason why the show was suspended. However, Kapil has responded to such allegations by saying that he knows what he is doing. He also said that the show will resume after the hiatus.

Kapil’s taste of bitter medicine

It is truly said that everyone has to taste the bitter medicine after being successful. It seems it is this phase for Kapil Sharma. After tasting the sweet fruit of his fame, he is experiencing the bitter taste of his success due to the controversies. After experiencing the ups of his life and gaining fame and name, his share of downs started with the controversy with Sunil Grover. The list of controversies continued with a police complaint being filed against him for abusing an entertainment journalist.

However, despite such allegations, controversies and harsh times for Kapil Sharma, the comedian is taking all this very calmly and appreciates the support of his closed ones and the channel. Rest whether he’s ruining career or not will get to know through a further dose of news.