Kerala Floods 2018- Railways Employees to Donate One Day Salary for Kerala People

Kerala Floods 2018

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As Kerala still remain submerged more than half in the flood water. There has been a constant increase in the death tolls and widespread destruction. The situation in Kerala has become very alarming, as most of the parts of the state has become massive disasters.

Relieve funds and camps are being organized in the state to help the 2018 massive flood victims, who have been recklessly dispersed from their houses. This has resulted in misery all around.
In this week earlier, there had been a discussion among the government officials, to contribute their bit to aid the Kerala Flood victims. After which, a voluntary decision has been made by all the central Railways employees to contribute their one day salary for the suffering people.
With no signs of slowing down, the water level of the flood in Kerala continues to rise with each passing day. There have been approximately 223 deaths with somewhere around 10.5 lakh people shifted to relief camps including many women and children.
The beautiful and lush green state of Kerala has come to ruins and destruction. The tourism sector of the state has also faced fatal economic loses.
The one-day salary contribution from the Railways employees would be based on their personal scale of income. Their contributions would be ranging from INR 500- 3000.
The conditions of hospital beds are also getting worse with every passing minute. There are more number of patients, than the beds available in the hospitals. The ambulances are also not able to come on some routes which have been restricted because of the deadly floodwaters. The Rains which were long awaited and the rivers, which were always admired by the travellers and locals of this state have caused an havoc in the place killing so many innocent people.

The Police force, Army, Navy and also other relief camps organizations from other political parties have constantly engaged themselves to help and rescue the people trapped in these evil floods. There has been a lot of shortage of food and clean drinking water as well in the state. People all over the world are in a state of shock and praying with full devotion for the well-being of the people in Kerala.
The state once culturally and economically rich have endured losses of more than 10,000 crores, crashing the whole economy of the state. People from different parts of the country are making donations for the relief camps as well as rebuild Kerala project.

Let us all pray for the well-being and safety of the people trapped in this flood calamity.