Kerala Rains : Half of City Submerged, Death toll reaches 40

Kerala Rains Half of City Submerged, Death toll reaches 40

Kerala continues to be swept by the heavy rainfall, resulting in the mass destruction of tourism and plantation sectors – Kerala Rains


Kerala Rains: More than 60,000 people have become homeless and severely injured with the death toll rising up to 40. There are constant announcements of warning by the meteorological department of Kerala to discourage the activity of fishing during this heavy monsoon.

Many popular valleys in this state have now become a massive disaster taking numerous life of the people. Many damns are still in process of being closed in order to avoid more people drowning in them due to floods.

Kerala Rains

In Kochi also there has been a lot of problems caused by the lashed monsoons making it difficult for the people to survive and take shelter, most of the shops, homes, schools and public transport have suffered severe damage in Kerala rains. In Idduki Hill district. there has been over flooding of the damns and people in Lakshadweep is also under cautious warning for the fast blowing winds at the speed of 35-45 kilometers per hour.

The Army unit of Madras Regiment along with the Navy and Air force are engaged in relief camps and saving people from this uncalled death and misery.

The houses and cultivation of the state have faced massive destruction taking away the livelihood of many people in this state.

Heavy rains in Kerala

The victims could be seen collecting their lost items, utensils, clothes and furniture in the flood water and debris. The water level of damns has come to a reach of 2,398.68 ft, creating a havoc in the peaceful lives of the Kerala people due to heavy rain.

As the tourism sector was suffering because of the numerous cancellations of the travelers the Nipah outbreak has silenced everyone to fear the monsoons.

The event of inaugurating Champions Boat League just as IPL has also been delayed seeing the outbreak of heavy rains on the beautiful land of Kerala. The growing of the very famous flower “Neelakurinji” on the hills of Munnar has also been disrupted and destroyed due to these deadly and unexpected rains.

The state has suffered a loss of about 8,316 crores till the date of 14 August 2018, where more destruction is still on its way to the state of Kerala. Hospital beds are running short to treat the affected victims of life-taking floods in Kerala rains. Presently, Kerala is in a huge state of shock as the flood does not seems to come at rest.

Heartiest prayers for all the victims of Kerala floods and may the state soon recover from the massive loss of life, property, and economy.