Khans And Kapoors Did What! To Save Taimur


Khans And Kapoors Did What! To Save Taimur


Evil Eyes On Taimur!!


Celebs love their kids as much as we do. But, it is surprising to see to what extent they can go to save their kids from ‘Buri Nazar’ (evil/bad gaze) as described in Hindi. The concept of Buri Nazar holds value or not, Kareena and Saif have played their part to protect the newly born from Buri Nazar. It is unbelievable to see to celebs believing in Buri Nazar and the totkas.

‘Taimur Ali Khan’ the name is viral now. Thanks to the much pompous life of the B-town celebrities the Kapoor and Khan. A few years back, Kapoor family’s princess Karina Kapoor married the Nawab of Pataudi Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena Kapoor is the second wife of Saif Ali Khan. His first marriage was with Amrita Rao. The two got separated after a marriage life of 10 years in which they were blessed with two children. The past was buried soon, and the foundation of new and bright future was laid with the announcement of Saifu and bebo’s wedding. They tied the knot of love and soon the media began to stalk them for stories. Some reported of spotting them in Paris while some reported of spotting baby bump. The true story was revealed by the time, anyway.

Kareena Kapoor had a great time during her courtship period and her newly married life with Saif. She took time to choose to be a mother and when she did she was dam serious about it. She took all the precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

As she completed her nine months of pregnancy she gave birth to the cutest baby boy of the B-town Taimur Ali Khan on December 2016. He is the most searched baby on the internet, the centre of attraction of almost every event he attends and the most pampered baby. The attention and love for Taimur put his parents on toes. Well! They were not jealous of others loving Taimur, rather they were concerned about ‘Buri Nazar’. In India, the newly born babies are protected from evil vibes or ‘Buri Nazar’ as it is described in the Hindi language. To protect their babies from evil vibes Indian parents pay some amount to the transgender community. There is a belief that tribute to transgender community saves the newly born from the evil vibes.

The celeb parents just like any ordinary Indian parent, paid tribute to the transgender community. The amount they paid was not an ordinary amount. They paid a whopping 50000 INR to protect their prince from the bad gaze. It is unbelievable, but not for the Navabs and Kapoors. With such a high profile background, 50000 INR sounds almost nothing. The point is not the amount. Rather, it is the belief and thought of the celebs.

Although Saif and Kareena hail from the B-town and are quite well off (thanks to their respective families), they still believe in bad gaze and ‘Buri Nazar’. Well, as the parent of Taimur they have the right to go to any extreme to protect their little one.