Looking for the Exotic Pizza Toppings In India : Nowhere Else You Could Find

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We all love pizzas and different pizza toppings add up more to the taste. Talking about the different pizza toppings then they just add more taste and flavor to the pizza. Talking about the Indian flavors, then the Indian chefs like to experiment with the western taste. These chefs take the Pizza flavor to the whole new level. No matter if it’s adding up to the pizza toppings or creating the own chutney, nothing can escape. Yes, nothing can escape from the creativity of Indians. Here are the 5 exotic flavors of the pizza toppings that have the Indian origins.

5 Exotic Pizza Toppings

  1. Chicken Tikka

Chicken, the thing that India can’t stop experimenting with. No matter if it’s Punjab or south everyone is fond of chicken. This is the reason that the Indians experiment chicken with a lot of stuff. Moreover, the veggie and the cheese flavors are the favorite ones followed by the big chicken pieces.  So this is the pizza toppings that the Indians love to experiment with.

  1. Malai

People think that it’s a taboo to use the sweet toping in the pizza toppings of the Pizza but the thing is not the same one in India. In India, you would find people of every kind. Moreover, you would see that people here love to experiment with Malai clubbed with fruit slicing. Pineapple with malai makes the best pizza toppings on a pizza. Moreover, you can club the Pineapple with different fruits to give a perfect blend of the exotic flavors.

  1. Kebab

The cheese is the base of the pizza. Everyone loves cheese with the pizza. In India, this is clubbed with a lot of things like the kebab. Moreover, this includes the chicken kebabs, vegetable kebabs, spices and a lot more.

These Kebabs has the charcoal flavor and you would love to have them as the toppings of the pizza. This creates an exotic flavor with cheese and vegetable choppings.

  1. Chutney

Yeah! Sounds a little weird but Indian people love a healthy pizza. How about spreading the spinach or mint as chutney? Yeah! It would work. The chutney can be clubbed with different kind of vegetables, spices and the cheese flavors. This way, you would be able to get the most exotic flavor you can ever search off.

Moreover, if you spread only the chutney, that spoils your flavor. so you can add this to the chicken pieces wrapped in them. Also, you can club this with the sweet corn and make your pizza even more of a healthy one.

  1. Paneer

Paneer is the heart of India. It can’t be possible that Pizza can escape from this. You can see these paneer pizzas in almost every restaurant. The secret? Paneer sounds amazing with many of the things. You can taste the paneer even with the chicken. Moreover, you would love clubbing the paneer with vegetables. What’s more, you are expecting.

So these were the flavors are new in pizza topping. Moreover, we bet that you wouldn’t be able to forget that lip-smacking flavor. So go on and try them out.