Maha Shivratri

Hindu religion is a full treasure of different gods and goddesses. People who follow their god in Hindu community also have a very distinct style of worship. Next week on February 25 the festival of Maha Shivratri (the great night of Lord Shiva) will be celebrated in India. Named as ‘Mahakaal’ lord Shiva is believed be the god of destruction. Hindu worship lord Shiva with a full dedication and passion. The Shivratri festival celebrated every year on the full moon day of Maaghaa month according to Hindu calendar.

Famous Legends

There are many mythological stories linked with the festival and here will talk about the few most popular tales. According to a famous legend, A hunter was in the jungle in search of food. He climbed over a Woodapple tree’s branch, waiting for hunting. He was unaware of that the beneath of the tree there was a Shiva Lingam. Soon a deer came and to attract the deer he started throwing the leaves on the ground. It is believed that the leaves were fallen on the Shiva Lingam and it becomes an act of worship to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared in front of the hunter and blessed him with wisdom for his life.  After this incident, he became rich and popular and he also passed this legend to other people. People started worshiping Lord Shiva, hence the Woodapple tree leaves are very precious on the occasion of Maha Shivratri.

Parvati Pleading Lord Shiva

In another legend, it is said that Goddess Parvati saved the Earth from imminent destruction by pleading to Lord Shiva and saved the world. Lord Shiva agreed to save the world on the pretext of the people of Earth to worship him with full dedication and commitment and that day was fool moon of Maaghaa Month later celebrated as Maha Shivratri.

It is believed that people do fasting on this day especially girls who are looking to get married soon. By the worshiping Lord Shiva, they aim to get blessed with a perfect life partner.

Let’s celebrate this festival once again with great pleasure of worshiping our gods to make our life happier and better.