Maharashtra Aarakshan Demands : Another State in Burnt Violence


Maharashtra Aarakshan demands are creating chaos in Mumbai and nearby places. Maratha Kranti morcha should be credited for this, Maratha Kranti Morcha called for ‘Bandh ‘in Mumbai and nearby areas that soon was called off afternoon demanding reservations for the Maratha community in Maharashtra. This bandh distorted and showed many incidents of violence and distress over quota demand.

And here comes the most interesting part, Martha claims themselves from the backward classes and in need of social and economic upliftment .surprisingly, Marathas have always been one of the most dominated castes in Maharashtra and they are comparing themselves with OBCs and complaining about educational support and jobs facilities.

Maharashtra Aarakshan demand creates violence again

Maharashtra Aarakshan demand by OBC category started in the 1990s. They tried to get the facilities of government jobs and educational support as a facility provided to backward classes. Though in 2008 Maharashtra state backward class commission rejected demand of Marathas to categories Marathas under OBCs. Demands still do not go off the main line, they still remain the same on the same demands. Though the violence is ending after the complaints in different areas the life is not peaceful now.

Maratha Kranti morcha triggers by kopardi rape and murder case

In July 2016, a girl of 15 years gets into the turmoil of rape and gets killed by 3 men. After few days Maharashtra witnesses this morcha that gains the support of thousands of people wanting justice for that girl. Finally, in 2017 the 3 men were accused and sentenced to death.

Demands of Maratha Kranti morcha extended to reservation and quotas in the education field and government job. They also demanded to amend the SC and ST act

With violence in the area, peoples are creating unrest in Mumbai by blocking roads, throwing stones on buses and vehicles. There is unease all over creating a violence environment peoples are rough and harsh. It has been inducing by Kakasaheb Dattatreya Shinde suicide by jumping into the Godavari river. Shinde was a driver of a local Shiv Sena leader.

Demands for the resignation of Chief Minister

This band seems to be due to the chief minister’s remark pointing towards an eruption of protest. After this, strict demands are arising for the resignation of the chief minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis.

So, do these demands make sense, justice to that girl is a reasonable demand though, change in SC and ST act isn’t a good idea. We all are aware that Marathas don’t belong to the minority community. Extending these demand to a reservation in government jobs and in education doesn’t seem a great way to pursue. They are also asking for the overall band in Maharashtra, in August, just to emphasize on reservation matter.

They have at least a 16% grant on the reservation, but still, they aren’t happy with this.

This topic is still in its growing phase and a long way struggle is still going on…