Elevator Drama Queen Megha Sharma Finally Opens Up About Why She Stripped


You all remember the elevator drama right? The one which was done by the model Megha Sharma? Well, now the story is coming to the clear picture now. Remember the uproar she created? Well, that was not because of the hot photoshoot or the acting problems but because of the heck the model created because of the cigarette.

Suddenly the #mee too act is showing its dark side. The same side came out on the 25th of October when the model Megha Sharma took tactical steps to get popular. The model tactically called the police and created the drama over the argument with the security guard over the cigarette. Also, she denied to file the case and go to the police station even with the female constable.

Megha Sharma

Now, talking about the incident, we can say that the act is a Bollywood script with all the actors present right there in the place. This script includes the model Megha Sharma, the innocent guar and the police officer who is seeming to be confused with the show.

But, what’s the matter with the model and that too so late in the night. Actually, the model asked the guards to bring her cigarettes late at night. After the denial from the guards, the model stepped out to get her thirst of the cigarette quenched. The credit goes to the CCTV footage which showed the entire story of the drama of the model. After that, she called the police right there in the place where she had the argument.

More of the drama

Even after all this, the drama didn’t stop. Further, the model didn’t step with the police officers to file a complaint against the guard. She denied that. The model says that she wants to go to the police station with a female constable. She did so, keeping her safety in mind. But the model didn’t think that when she can go out alone to get the cigarettes on her own, can’t she go out with the police offices safely?

She enters in the lift and everyone surrounds her, as per she told in the video. She further says that the policemen insisted her to come along with them in the same nightdress she was in. The drama just didn’t stop here.

Finally, the model began removing all her clothes crying without the unknown reasons. The model says that she couldn’t go with the cops because she felt unsafe. Well, that’s the series of events happened that night. Let’s see in upcoming days that what the case has been up to.