Mild Tremors of Earthquake were Felt in Delhi NCR Today


This morning of Wednesday, people of Delhi and other parts of the country had felt mild tremors. Readers are informed that no damage to the property or loss of life had occurred. It was not just NCR Delhi and Muzaffarnagar. It was around 8 AM today when the earthquake struck. When measured on the Richter scale, the magnitude of the earthquake was 4. It was not only NCR, but many parts of north India witnessed earthquake tremors.

Senior MET official said;

“We are gathering the information but as of now, there is no immediate report of any casualty or damage to property in the earthquake.” 

Apart from India, parts of Kofarnihon, Tajikistan with magnitude of 4.6 and the depth reported was 10 Km.

Although, no damage or loss of life was caused but people did feel the shaking and took to various social media platforms to alert people about the recent tremors of earthquake. The earthquake lasted for only few seconds. Meerut was another location which underwent to witness waves of earthquake.

Well, this is not the first that people have felt tremors of earthquake.