Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu Said Modi Is More Dangerous Than Rahul Gandhi



TDP has made an alliance with Congress In Andhra Pradesh, as Congress president Rahul Gandhi assure to give special status to the state. According to the media reports, Rahul Gandhi assures the people of Andhra Pradesh to award state with special status. That his party will award the state with special status. After their  victory in the upcoming general election of 2019

Further blaming BJP for selling out Andhra Pradesh, Naidu here says that the “BJP is more dangerous than Congress. “The facts demonstrate that Congress made misfortune the state before. Be that as it may, Congress is preparing to help AP in the matter of special status. BJP didn’t execute the things in AP Reorganization Act and double-crossed our state. Presently BJP is riskier than Congress to the state,” he said

Modi didn’t keep his promise

Incensed with the BJP, Naidu blamed it for deceiving Andhra Pradesh. “Modi had sworn at the dwelling place Lord Balaji to manufacture a capital for Andhra Pradesh, which would be more noteworthy than Delhi. To satisfy the guarantees of redesign act, to give different bundle in the lines of Bundelkhand bundle. In any case, he didn’t satisfy not by any means an only guarantee.”

Cm Says that Modi cheats by not giving special status to Andhra Pradesh, while the status is given to 11 states”. He further cornered the Center for disregarding his persistent endeavors to achieve a special status for Andhra Pradesh.

Requesting special status for his state, Andhra Chandrababu Naidu held “Dharma Porata Deeksha” (battle for equity). To challenge the BJP-drove NDA government at the Center, at Srikakulam town on Saturday.

The TDP split far from the NDA in March this year over the Center’s refusal to allow unique status to Andhra Pradesh. The gathering had likewise purpose a ‘no-confidence motion in the monsoon session of Parliament in July. Which was a defeat for them. TDP MPs had organized a dissent inside and outside Parliament.