Momo Challenge – another Death Game, another Threat


There was a time in 2017 when the blue whale was in a rage and was destructive as well. The blue whale was at that time most viral suicidal game. Another game, same as blue whale is now popping out with the same intention of making players suicide, mostly teen. The intention of these games is to spread threat online and involve the young age Groups into these type of things. Here is about a new death game getting viral, Momo Challenge.

All about Momo challenge

In momo challenge, it on WhatsApp contacts an unknown number by name of ‘momo’ then sends many inappropriate and violent images and many Dares too. Momo challenge is a very dangerous and creepy game. A bonus to making this game creepier is the image it uses. It uses an image of a creature like a woman, who is not at all tempting. It has a pale face with very big eyes bulged outwards. Stretched lips, mold inwards. It has long black hairs and it kind of looks very creepy and cheap.

This creepy image is actually copied. This image is the work of an artist named midori hayashi. The artist in any sense related to the game and its negative impacts on the players, teenagers.

In this game, a random unknown person is challenged to contact momo. They get trap in an intelligent way to continue this game further. The person is given many challenges and are said to complete them. Mostly Teenagers and children are on the target of this game and harmed. Teens are also threatened if they don’t do as per said. This game on an extreme level just leads to a dreadful end. It makes the player end its life by a dare. Victims are forced to anyone extreme level.

This game is said to spread through social media and that too from WhatsApp. But now, it’s spreading all over those various social platforms like youtube and Facebook. Now it has become very difficult to stop or limit the spread of this game and now it’s next to impossible to stop it from spreading, after all, it is an outburst on a social level.

It may be called a self-protection

It is to aware parents to keep an eye on their child’s behaviour and exposure. Some behaviors of Teens express that are noticeable to parents should be taken into consideration. Generally, the person going through this, momo challenge will try hiding things, body. They may cut their body part just for completing the challenge and the just try to avoid questioning them about the scars. It’s better to give the best attention and care before it too late and the game ultimately leads the victim to suicide.

This game’s impact became serious when a 12-year-old girl attempted suicide, said that after having a conversation with momo. It is the case of Argentina. After her death, Police hacked her phone to get the details of her whatsapp chats and other social media accounts to know the exact reason behind the suicide.

So, this was the NEWS to make you aware about such games! Stay Safe!