Oldest Language in the world : Sanskrit Still in Practice


Ancient languages attract us most to discover the World oldest language but it is difficult to find as there are limited resources available to identify them. Is Hebrew the oldest language? many times we asked to ourselves when studying the history of languages in the world. The language we speak, write or talk is very old language in the world but is the oldest one nobody can answer actually.

First written Language of the world

The first written form of language is equally difficult to determine as many of the older manuscripts are lost. But many people believes that Sanskrit is the oldest language on earth also on of the first written language of the world. In some cases, we have found the existence in this language in Vedic Sanskrit of Rigveda text more than 2500 years ago.

First spoken language in the world

The language came into existence not just to communicate but to express some of the most important rituals of life. And historically the poetic form of language is called the oldest spoken language. Again the content formation in the Sanskrit language let us believe it as the fist spoken languages as the many of the older manuscripts are in poetic (Shloka) form. However many people argue it with Tamil oldest language in the world for Spoken and Written both.

Oldest language in India

For Indians, there is absolutely no confusion as they believe Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world. Scholars of Ancient Indian language proves it with different menu scripts available was originally written in the Sanskrit language first.

Hope this article given you a little brief about the oldest language in the world. Soon we will publish more information on other ancient languages too along with top 10 oldest languages in the world. Stay tuned to future posts and keep visiting Talepost