SpaceX Starship: Travelling, the only term when hits the eardrum leads to an adrenaline rush. But what, if I say traveling to space, is now your thing, I know it is surprising and shocking simultaneously. But it is true to line, spend a great sum and you get to travel space.

Let us peep down to answer the bunch of questions you have in your mind: Who is making this possible for us? What exactly it is? How is this possible?

Coming to the first question that is striking our mind.

Who is making this possible?

To answer this it is SpaceX, it is the firm that completely believes in making space missions and space rides absolutely cost-effective by attempting towards reusable technique, thereby reducing the transportation cost. Every mission of SpaceX heads towards colonizing Mars. The biggest achievement of SpaceX includes its launch vehicle Falcon and its Dragon craft. The parts of Falcon are still used in the making of air crafts, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of a newly formed spacecraft. This further pacifies the research process in terms of capital input and helps in carrying out a space mission in a perfect cost-effective manner.

Now heading towards the second question.

What is the main objective of this mission and what is this all about?

The spacecraft armored for this mission is named as Starship (the spaceship with overall architecture). The idea is to recover and refly payload fairings (the protective cone that surrounds the satellite during launch). Starship along with super heavy craft combines well to endorse the grand opening of a new vision and a new era.

Recently Musk gave a surprise visit at an event of Air force’s first Space Pitch day at LA, Mr. Elon Musk in that event announced the vision and establishment of the Starship.

More about Starship and the mission:

Spaceship rocket duo (Starship and the super-heavy rocket) will require $900,000 of fuel for launch.

– Up to 100 passengers, the stacked spaceship will require a $900,000 fuel propellant to get into the orbit.

“If you consider the operational cost maybe it will be like $2 million,” Musk said during a conversation with Lt. Gen. John Thompson, commander of Space and Missile Center, Air force space commander at Los Angeles Air force base.

“It is absolutely profound to have a reusable rocket,” he said.” This is a holy grail”.

“Starship will be fully reusable, and each aircraft will fly many times before it is retired”.

So I hope this was enough to excite you, to book your rides to space, and to have an exuberant experience. But keeping the traveling part aside if this Starship launches successfully and delivers the result as expected, then this will provide an absolute boon to space research programs in a super cost-effective manner which would generate a great revenue to the nation and benefit the humanity undoubtedly. To know more continue on talepost.

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