Muslim Women Thanking PM Modi on Passing of Triple Talaq Bill


Muslim women finally had a sigh of relief and thanked PM Narendra Modi on passage of Triple Talaq Bill in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday 29 July 2019. It has now been declared legally that the prolonged plague of Triple Talaq has been completely eradicated from the society and husbands who will still practice the same would locked behind the bars for three years and will also be asked to pay fine.

Government has declared Triple Talaq a criminal offence

In the meeting at the residence of party’s leader Vijay Goel, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said;

“Prime Minister Modi never indulged in vote-bank politics and was inspired only by the well-being of the people.”

Our respected PM was not only thanked by the scores of Muslim women but they also informed him, that with the passage of the Triple Talaq Bill, they now feel empowered and are no-more the sufferers of men’s dominance in the marriage. Abida, a local Muslim women said;

“We had high hopes of Modi that he will ban Triple Talaq and give us right to fight it. Muslim women can now take legal recourse if they are ditched through this Talaq.”

The BJP government and the PM Narendra Modi were appreciated in these events. Now the instant Triple Talaq is declared a punishable criminal offence.

What is Tripple Talaq?

For all those readers who are still not clear with the concept of Triple Talaq can now understand the same. Triple Talaq is also known as Talaq-e-biddah and it was practiced by the males of the Muslim society. This Talaq is a type of instant divorce.

It was since many years that Triple Talaq had been the subject of question and controversies. On 22 August 2017 that talaq-e-biddah was deemed as unconstitutional. However, it was held because out of five judges, two of them did not considered this practice unconstitutional.

Under this practice of instant divorce, husband can utter Talaq three times to his wife at any given situation, place or time. It was because of this practice that many Muslim women led a miserable life. But now, all because of Narendra Modi, women can now live in peace.

Our country is stepping towards development in every sphere. But there are still some political personalities who are in question of this passed Bill. Mehbooba Mufti has been question PM about the urgency to pass such a bill. However, this tweet of Mehbooba Mufti was quickly responded by Omar Abdullah . He immediately lashed her tweet with a reply- “go ask your party members”.

With this Bill stating that Triple Talaq is now unconstitutional in India.We congratulate all the Muslim women for their new-found freedom and empowerment.