Neem benefits for skin for skin and hair


Skin, the most neglected organ of the human body, demands our utmost attention especially when the clouds go dark, and it starts pouring. Its monsoon once again and people everywhere amidst the big metro cities are busy with jobs and traffic jams. Here are enlisted top five neem benefits for skin, the ‘wonder herb’:-

Skin care


  1. Acne: – if you are someone who is very much prone to acne, you should start including neem oil in your beauty regime. Neem benefits for skin are umpteen and have been followed by millions of individuals who have sworn by it. Due to its amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, neem tree leaves and neem oil benefits to cure the acne and the after marks.
  2. Irritated skin: – Not having a calm and relaxed is a troublesome issue. In this case, using neem oil soap benefits to keep the skin rashes and itches at bay and also soothe and cool the skin.
  3. Natural glow: – to achieve naturally glowing and healthy skin, neem powder mixed with water acts wonder to your skin. Follow this regime for about a month and see the results unfold.
  4. Rashes: – During the monsoon season, we get a lot of fungal and viral rashes, and all of them can be cured using the magical neem oil soap benefits and neem oil for healthy and supple skin.
  5. Infections: – In cases of cuts or bruises or ruptured skin layer, cleaning the wound with neem oil based soaps can reduce the chances of inflammation. There are a gazillion other neem benefits for skin.
  6. Acid rain:- applying neem tree products like neem powder, neem soap, neem oils benefits the skin dried by the acidic rain in metro cities.

Scalp treatment

  1. Scalp is skin: – People often take great care of their hair but forget to take care of their scalp. Only a healthy and dandruff free scalp can give rise to strong, lustrous and beautiful mane. Among the plenty neem benefits for skin, neem oil is excellent for hair. Apply neem oil mixed with tea tree oil and nourish the scalp without clogging it.
  2. Bumpy scalp: – Among the plenty havocs that monsoon causes to our skin. One such is small itchy bumps on the scalp. To get rid of them, using neem oil for hair and scalp, experience the neem benefits for skin. Use this and neem tree benefits will surely follow.
  3. Lice problem:– Neem is excellent for dealing with lice and other hair and scalp problems. Neem tree, and neem tree oils are absolutely your go to options. You can use the leaves of neem for making neem tea. You can also make a paste and apply on the scalp. Neem benefits of skin are uncountable. Even consuming leaves of the neem tree benefits alot. It imparts a healthy glow in the hair follicles.

Neem tree, neem oil, neem tea, neem powder and the list goes. Every part of this magical herb is extremely beneficial for skin and scalp purposes.