Netflix’s Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle proves animals shouldn’t have people faces


Netflix being the most popular online platform to watch the best thrillers, romance and comedy is day by day adding new media for its users. It is not a surprise to know that Netflix has a new addition “Mowgli-The Legend of Jungle”  action movie streaming now. 

Netflix has come up with its another blockbuster, The Mowgli- The Legend of Jungle. This Netflix series was originally intended as a global Warner Bros. release as the film still bears the WB logo at its start, but later it was sold off to Netflix last summer. This series is actually based on the original Rudyard Kipling novel and always had an important place in the heart of audiences ever since it was released.

Yes, it is the same movie upon whose animated versions we saw and grew up in the 90s. Mowgli- Legend of the Jungle, the first latest adaptation of Kipling’s classic tale. This movie is a departure from its more child-friendly predecessors to dark, gloomy and a world full of action.  Mowgli-The Legend of Jungle is directed by Andy Serk is and the film gives a crew of a formidable cast of actors who have given voice and motion capture movements and is specially dedicated to be more faithful to Kipling’s original stories which described the brutality and vulnerability of the jungle and the creatures who lived there.

Story Plot

The story plot of the movies is described in such a way, a new-born infant is found in the jungle and his parents have been killed by the man-eating Sher Khan. This child is picked by the black panther who drops his at the front of the den of Wolf family, who finally decides to raise him as their family child. He grows up to becomes like his fellow Wolf brothers. He has started practicing hunting of animals, running, which is important for him to survive in the jungle, eating raw meat and many more. As the jungle child grows up and notices his physical indifference with his other family members.
Later as the plot progresses, Sher Khan is back to the jungle in the blood hunt of the Jungle child, Mowgli. Hence, Bhagheera and Baloo decide to send him back to this human population in order to save his life. Now the movie is all with the suspense on what happens next. Will Mowgli returns to the jungle or starts his new life?


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