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The concept of organizing weddings on a cruise in India has finally kick-started, as the Captain of the country’s first cruise service ‘Angriya’ plying between Mumbai and Goa has solemnized a marriage onboard. The day Angriya set to sail a couple tied the knot for the first time in this dream cruise wedding project. Later, their marriage was solemnized by Captain Irwin Sequeira as per laws.

Captain Sequeira has 15 years of experience in sailing and has a right to solemnize a marriage and later on submit evidence of a couple being married before the court.

Onboard Angriya- The news crews lined

India’s first luxury cruise ship saw the first onboard wedding on Saturday. Captain of the ship, ‘Angriya,’ that runs between Mumbai and Goa conducted the wedding of Prabir and Sayali Correa, a Mumbai couple, on the day the ship set sail.

“Captain has the right to solemnize a marriage. Later on they can give evidence in court. I feel happy that on India’s first cruise we’re tying the knot,” says Captain Irwin Sequeira, who has more than 15 years of experience in sailing and has steered more than 60 ships in his career.

The couple says it is an “extremely unique” moment to tie the knot on board a cruise liner. “I am happy to tie the knot on board India’s first cruise. It was a dreamy moment for me. This was something I didn’t expect.

The beauty of tying the knot in Angaria

Angriya, India’s first luxury cruise ship, will make four trips a week between Mumbai and Goa. There will be no halts in between. The ship has been built in Japan and is 131 meters long and 120 meters wide. The luxury ship has 104 rooms, divided into eight different categories. It has a dormitory, deluxe rooms, and luxury suites. The dormitory has bunk beds, while rooms have single and double beds. The cruise has luxury rooms on the underwater level as well. Angria has two restaurants, six bars, a swimming pool, and an underwater-level spa and a gym.

Let the ceremonies begin

With the introduction and legalization of cruise wedding in India, Indian weddings are now going to enter high seas. The trend of the big fat Indian weddings is cruising aboard the luxury cruise liner Angriya. With the successful completion of its first cruise, Angriya has established its dominance over the ocean. It has also opened gates to new frontiers in tourism and matrimonial services by venturing into unknown territory.

This new trend is receiving a positive response as the Indian public appears have an excitement about it. Thus confirming that cruise wedding in India are now real.