Nick Jonas affair with Older Women Before He Ties the Knot with PC

Nick Jonas affair with older women

Priyanka Chopra to marry Nick Jonas But Rumors in the Air about Nick Jonas Affair with an Older Woman:

So, it is clear now, that Priyanka Chopra is going to marry American Singer, Nick Jonas later this year. According to multiple sources, they were dating each other for a few months. Nick Jonas proposed Priyanka on her birthday.

The couple was seen visiting India, it seems that Priyanka wanted to introduce her family to her fiancé to be while she was discussing to work on Bharat. It is now official that the two are going to marry. Ali Abbas Zafar, director of Bharat revealed on Twitter that Priyanka won’t be able to commit to the film due to personal reasons.

Nick Jonas affair with Priyanka Chopra

The age difference

It seemed some of the fans were quite unhappy with the age gap between Priyanka Chopra (36) and Nick Jonas (25). Even though they seemed to be least bothered about that. A close confidant of Nick Jonas even revealed that he (Nick) prefers dating older women. The fact that Priyanka is much older than him means that Nick finds her even more attractive. The confidant also said that Nick is quite mature for his age so there won’t be any problem between the two.

Past Relationships: Nick Jonas Affair

It can be quite clearly established that Nick prefers the older woman as he is known to have been in a relationship with Kate Hudson back in 2016. He was 23 at that time while Kate was 37. In 2018, some fans, on Instagram. even speculated that Nick Jonas is flirting with Jeena Lee Deewan, wife of Hollywood actor Channing Tatum. He was also linked to Delta Goodrem who is 8 years older than him.

Nick Jonas affair with older women

On Andy Cohen’s show, a viewer once asked about Nick Jonas Affair to Nick, what would be the age of the oldest woman he will date. The singer replied that he is not certain but he has been on a date with a 35-year-old woman. Thus, confirming the theory that he likes older women. He further added that he likes to date women older than him as “they know what they want”.

Trying a knot with Priyanka

Though the stars haven’t confirmed their engagement. It is believed that Nick is find the perfect ring for Priyanka Chopra. The couple were first seen together back in 2017 when they were walking down together at MET gala. From then on, the two of them could be seen together quite often. They were also spotted on a double date with Joe Jonas and his fiancée Sophie Turner in London. This was just a couple of days before Nick proposed Priyanka.

Nick Jonas knot with priyanka chopra

One of the insiders also mentioned that Nick thinks that Priyanka is not only beautiful but quite intelligent as well which makes her even more attractive. He added that she has a charisma and energy that draws people to her. She fits right within the family and friends.


At the end, we all are waiting for the couple to finally open up to the public and declare the wedding date.