Odisha to give free sanitary napkins to 17 lakh school girls


Discussing about mensuration, commonly called periods have become a taboo in India. Even after knowing the fact that it is just natural for women to undergo mensuration cycle in every 28 days, the hush-hush covers the topic. Till date, there are many women and young girls who are not given proper sanitary education to keep themselves healthy and hygienic.

However, as the days are passing, people are taking more and more initiatives against this taboo. There was also a movie released on the same topic, “Padman” of Akshay Kumar. In the movie itself, the message given by the movie was to spread awareness about periods.

What is the new scheme by Odisha government?

Recently, another brave step has been taken to spread this awareness. Odisha government has finally approved the scheme under which the girl students will be provided with Sanitary pads.

Under this scheme by Odisha Cabinet, the napkins will be distributed to approximately 17.25 lakh school girls between classes 6 to 8 free of cost. This latest scheme in the welfare of women will only be applicable in the government schools.

One will be shocked to know the huge amount of money, which will be spent on this campaign. It is around 466 Crores in the coming 5 years.

Chief Secretary, Aditya Padhi said;

“This initiative will help to improve health, hygiene, attendance and academic performances in schools.”

There is a list of several schools which will come under this scheme. Some are Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyalaya and many other government schools in Odisha.

The Department of Health and Family along with the department of school and mass educations will be heading the scheme. They will make sure, that the scheme is executed properly.

Girl students belonging from any casts will be given their health awareness education.

Government is day by day working and contributing in the welfare of the students. There are several other schemes such as KALIA scholarship schemes are also being set up. This will help improving the nation and its citizens.